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Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis Management from Royal Roads University and a Chartered Mediator with ADR Institute of Canada.
Suzanne Marie is a Published Author, Academic Professor, Researcher, Course Writer and Subject Matter Expert in Alberta, Canada.
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Suzanne helps leaders in education, policing and social work master conflict management skills. Speaking from expert knowledge in her field, she offers inspiration, hope and wisdom about the topic of conflict at work and at home. Freely sharing her insider knowledge from her practice as a Chartered Mediator, Suzanne offers her audiences a blend of street smarts experience and classroom education based on theory, research and practice. As a leading professional, she is accountable to her designating association, ADR Institute of Canada, to share credible information about dispute resolution, mediation and conflict management.

You are welcome to download our files below for use with Suzanne's media events. By clicking 'Read More' you will find downloads for Suzanne's Fact Sheet, information about Suzanne's Keynote presentations and our Level 1: Introduction to Conflict Management course available online and on-site at your location. 

Download this file (ConflictManagementTraining_Police_2018.pdf)Level 1 Course for Police Organizations[This is a course outline with a testimonial for Level 1: Introduction to Conflict Management.]2127 kB
Download this file (ConflictManagementTraining_School Districts_2018.pdf)Level 1 Course for School Districts[This is a course outline with testimonials for Level 1: Introduction to Conflict Management.]1909 kB
Download this file (SuzannePetryshynFactSheet2018.pdf)Suzanne's Fact Sheet[This Fact Sheet has details about Suzanne Petryshyn and Peak Conflict Solutions.]1924 kB
Download this file (TACTKeynote2018.pdf)Keynote: Youth Conflict Management[This Keynote was presented at various provincial, national and international conferences.]1414 kB
Download this file (TakeChargeoftheToughTalksKEYNOTE_2018.pdf)Keynote: Take Charge of the Tough Talks[This Keynote was presented at various Alberta Teacher's Association conferences, Regina Public School Teachers' Association, Alberta Ag Societies Conference, Alberta Food Banks Association Conference and other events.]1395 kB