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Regina Public School Teacher’s Association Keynote Presentations on February 16th, 2018

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Regina Public School Teacher’s Association Keynote Presentations on February 16th, 2018 Peak Conflict Solutions

Thank you Jeff Perry, President of Regina Public School Teacher’s Association for inviting me to present at your 2018 Conference in Regina.


Teachers are faced with conflict each and every day. Conflict with students, parents, community and each other. Being equipped to manage the daily conflict situations helps teachers to focus on their passion work- education.


The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has laid the groundwork for teachers to have a system for managing conflict and disputes between each other. The following is an excerpt from their policies:

Professional Relationships- Teachers work with many individuals, including students, colleagues, administrators, educational assistants, support staff, social workers, health-care professionals, parents, volunteers and other community members. Effective professional relationships are essential to the teaching practice and teachers share the

responsibility for the quality of these relationships.

When Questions or Concerns Arise- Questions or concerns about an individual’s teaching practice or professional competence should always be raised first with the teacher. In most cases, taking this step will address the issues that an administrator, teacher colleague, parent or other individual may have.

Members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation have an ethical responsibility to take their concerns first to the colleague in question. As noted STF Bylaw 6 (Professional Ethics and Practice) Section 6.2, teachers must “... inform an associate before making valid criticism and inform the associate of the nature of the criticism before referring the criticism to appropriate officials.”

To work with colleagues in mutually supportive ways and develop effective professional relationships with members of the educational community.

To conduct all professional relationships in ways that are consistent with principles of equity, fairness and respect for others in accordance with the beliefs of the profession.


In my Keynote presentations to Regina Public School Teachers’ Association, 2018  Regina Teacher’s Convention  I presented tools and strategies for how teachers can take charge of conflict at work and pro-manage their professional practice with each other.



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