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TACT (Teens & Conflict Together): A Facilitator's Guide For Empowering Youth to Engage in Creative Problem Solving in Swan Hills, AB.

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Suzanne with 90 Students and 12 Staff Suzanne with 90 Students and 12 Staff Peak Conflict Solutions

Suzanne was recently in Swan Hills, AB. where she facilitated TACT in a one-day session to 90 students from 3 schools within the division. The youth ranged in age from junior high through to high school and included 12 staff from the 3 schools. This video shows you the format and how our day looked together:


TACT offers great professional development for staff who work with youth because high school is an uncertain period for all youth.


With negotiating peer pressures while defining their own identity, youth experience periods of uncertainty, and oftentimes anxiety, in high school. Navigating tough conversations and managing conflict is a daily occurrence for young people. Giving them options to practice these essential life skills is crucial in their coping and establishing healthy boundaries in their relationships. Help is here to show you how you can empower young people to learn essential conflict management skills.


Suzanne wrote this book as a result of facilitating youth conflict management groups for alternate schools, school resources and coaching. She is offering your school a one day TACT session where your staff will participate and learn how to facilitate the sessions in their classes. Some schools have incorporated TACT into their career and life education as well as in health education.


Generally, the book is available in more than 177+ countries and at ALL online bookstores.


What’s in the book for me?

  • 6 lessons with handouts for fun and engaging activities.

  • Unique ways to facilitate discussions about conflict with youth.

  • Experiential games to get youth up and moving together.


The perfect resource to help your students:

  • Learn listening and communication skills.

  • Increase their self-confidence with managing tough conversations.

  • Improve decision making and conflict management abilities.


TACT (Teens and Conflict Together) is a six-session, skills based program designed for facilitation by professionals in school and community systems who work with youth. TACT (Teens and Conflict Together) is structured to provide youth with opportunities for reflection of personal communication styles, conflict management styles and beliefs about their relationships with each other, their peers and the world around them. Skills are presented using fun and interactive games to both encourage and empower youth to employ a problem solving process for conflict management and conflict resolution. There is a literacy component to the program, as well as art and creative writing.


By having Suzanne attend your school, she will cover each of the modules of the program and offer strategies for implementing conflict management and problem solving programs with youth between the ages of 11-17 years.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Upon completion of the six lessons, participants will be able to:

  2. Deliver conflict management skills curriculum to youth aged 11-17 years.

  3. Describe a proven four stage model for effectively managing conflict.  

  4. Demonstrate how conflict can be resolved using fun, creative and engaging methods.


The Learning Outcomes are met through fun activities and games as well as storytelling and artwork.


The agenda for a one day session often like this:


9:00am- Introductions and Icebreaker Activity

9:15am- Lesson 1- Conflict Defined

9:30am- The Conflict Cycle

10:15am- Break

10:30 Conflict Management Styles

12:00pm- 12:40pm- Lunch

12:40pm- 1:30pm-  Assumptions & Perceptions in Communication Exercise

1:30pm-2:15pm- Communication in Conflict

2:15-2:30pm- Break

2:30pm-3:15pm- Managing Conflict with a 4-Stage Model


The agenda can be modified to suit your school’s needs for bus services and regular bell schedules.


Contact Suzanne directly to discuss having her come out to your school to work with your students and staff: 587-220-7169 (text or call)

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