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Calgary Police Service Scandals: A conflict Management Expert Weighs In

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Unresolved workplace conflict escalates to a point of no return.

Recently the Calgary Police Service (CPS) has been exposed. The treatment of female officers is in question with accusations of bullying, sexual harassment, intimidation and cover-ups. This begs the question; how will the CPS react to this kind of exposure and what will they do to review policy changes.

“Bullying in the workplace is a symptom of greater systemic issues that need structural administrative process changes to address the root causes. Applying a one size fits all for these types of situations does not help the workplace or the people affected.” -Suzanne Petryshyn

Suzanne Petryshyn of Peak Conflict solutions is a Conflict Management Expert and provided 660 News Calgary listeners with easily understood insight to what should be happening internally with the CPS as they evaluate the aforementioned concerns. Suzanne explained how this kind of conflict in a workplace is damaging to employees but can be fixed when employers step up and provide their employees with appropriate conflict training.

Listen to the two aired news clips here:



Suzanne has been in business for 16+ years with 10,000+ training hours and has served over 25,000 people including training in law enforcement and criminal justice.

Contact Suzanne directly to talk about how you can help your staff manage conflict more effectively and efficiently with our online conflict management course. This course can be completed in as little as 15 minutes a day and within 2 weeks on any device with a browser. Your staff will learn strategies that they can implement immediately in the workplace and at home.

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