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"The life lessons I learned from my dad, our family, and our community, shaped my desire to promote understanding to people in conflict. My passion and spark is with providing opportunities for people to tell their own truths in a way that will help them to find solutions. Finding the courage to bring the difficult conversations to the table is the most challenging part of a tough talk. The skills in my books help us through." Suzanne Marie
The Perfect Resource
Suzanne's book will help you, your colleagues, and your workplace.
This book includes many concepts and models that can be easily implemented into your daily conversations. You will read about engaging ways to manage resistance, unique ways to facilitate discussions about conflict, and essential negotiating strategies for different sources of conflict.

Do you work with youth?

Do you work with youth?
High school is an uncertain period for all youth and finding appropriate conflict management information for youth may be difficult.
With negotiating peer pressures while defining their own identity, youth experience periods of uncertainty, and oftentimes anxiety, in high school. Navigating tough conversations and managing conflict is a daily occurrence for young people. Giving them options to practice these essential life skills is crucial in their coping and establishing healthy boundaries in their relationships. Help is here to show you how you can empower young people to learn essential conflict management skills.