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“Being passionate about your history and what it has given you will teach you valuable life lessons about conflict. We cannot leave the knowledge we have gained from tough talks in the past. They must move forward with us and shape the way we handle every day life and every day conflict. We are living our legacy and you are a part of our story. Join us in our journey to reshape how we look at conflict and help you find conflict management solutions for work and home.”

Suzanne Marie, M. A. , Chartered Mediator


Building mighty communities through connection, belonging, security, and love.


Conflict is normal.


Create space to respond to conflict.


Helping professionals in education, policing, and social work.

Need something hands on? Check out our conflict management solutions for work and home.

Accredited Courses for Conflict Management

Get your continuing education credits by taking our conflict management courses.

Professional development and ongoing continuing education are important for professionals who work with people. Suzanne has been designing curriculum and teaching online and classroom courses for post-secondary and professional development training for 18+ years. The courses and training at Peak Conflict Solutions are designed and written to post-secondary standards and intended for leaders and their staff.

Keynote Presentations for Conferences

Suzanne Marie, Natural Storyteller and an Inspiring Pillar of Knowledge.

An internationally published author and a professional public speaker, Suzanne has taught and written post-secondary curriculum for conflict management, led a practice for the workplace and family mediation, and presented at international, national and provincial speaking engagements the past 18+ years. A Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis Management from Royal Roads University and a Chartered Mediator designation from Alternative Dispute Resolution Canada (ADRIC), Suzanne offers her audiences a blend of street smarts experience and classroom education. She connects on a human level and offers inspiration, hope, and wisdom about topics of relationships and change in the workplace and at home. Attendees at her events experience high-level learning in a relaxed and engaging environment.

Accredited Online Course for Conflict Management

Level 1.0: Introduction to Conflict Management

This 5.0 hour course covers introductory techniques for conflict management through the conflict cycle process. In this process, conflict is reinforced through beliefs, attitudes, and responses. Topics include defining conflict, discovering conflict management styles and managing resistance at work. Lead by example and take our accredited online course for managers and staff. Your time is precious and we have designed this course so it can be completed a little at a time or all at once in a 14 day time period. This course meets industry needs by providing professionals like you with relevant and meaningful continuing education about how to manage conflict at work.

Customized Training Solutions for Workplaces

We will start from scratch or blend our experience and materials with yours to suit your training needs.

We will listen and work together with you to understand your unique workplace challenges and opportunities, and then design and implement a successful workplace learning strategy that best fits your organization’s needs and goals. Our workplace learning solutions cater to all learning styles and are delivered in a variety of formats to meet your needs. Based on the needs of your workplace, you can choose a mixture of learning delivery formats to ensure maximum retention and transfer of knowledge to your people. Our most popular learning format fosters relationship building among peers and provides real-time feedback from the facilitator. We also design and develop blended learning that is available 24/7 and allows users to learn at their own pace.

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Suzanne Marie

Living life to its fullest. Building mighty communities through connection, belonging, security, and love. I am founder and CEO at Peak Conflict Solutions and my purpose in life is to show your workplace how to set the tone for connection, belonging, and security while creating space for conflict management.