Conflict Management Training in Today’s Workforce

Conflict management training is essential in today’s ever changing workforce.

Conflict mangement training will help you adapt to the changes many professionals face throughout their career. Gone are the days when getting a job meant it was a job for life. You would be in that job until retirement. This would have been alright if you liked the job. You would have had little chance of improving, updating your skills and knowledge for promotion or have the ability to compete for work elsewhere. In fact, you would have had very little job satisfaction. In today’s changing workforce we will not just have the same job in a different company, but we will also experience different careers throughout our working life.

Invest in Conflict Management Training

Continuing education and professional development are an investment made by both an employer and an employee. The most effective and efficient delivery model meets the needs of an employer, an employee and national standards.

I was recently reading ‘Work Rules’ by Laszlo Block (2015) and the author shared how at Google, training in the workplace is best accomplished through short and intensive learning sessions. These sessions are applied learning opportunities for a short period of time like three to five days. In these three to five days, short learning modules are covered and then reinforced with applied skills activities.

Expect a Behaviour Modification with Conflict Management Training

The conflict management training I have developed is designed for short and intensive applied skills learning opportunities with continuous feedback. The continuous feedback is essential when learning any new skill. When learning about conflict management, it is important to recognize that conflict management strategies require behavior modification. Block (2015) goes into great detail about the value of workplaces like Google investing in training to change people’s behaviours. By changing behaviour through the investment of workplace training, your workplace is re-norming the culture of how you carry out your workplace functions.

Google invests in their people by focusing on professional development and continuing education where people have a change in behaviour following an intensive applied skills learning experience with continuous feedback loops. This practice, for setting up and following through with training in the workplace, creates a synergy that is well worth the investment in both people and business development.

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